Norman Pinski Come Home

“Finding oneself can take a lifetime. For Norman Pinski, it’s gonna take a little longer.”

When a lightning bolt tragically cuts short the life of a Jewish plumber’s son, all appears lost for the Pinski family. But luckily for them, Dr. Vanderwal, a celebrated local baldness doctor is secretly a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. Once resurrected in the form of a classic horror film monster, Norman has another chance at finding himself … if his overbearing Jewish parents don’t get in the way.

HD; Color TRT 15:04

Written and Directed by Aaron Rudelson
Executive Producer Bertha Bay-sa Pan
Director of Photography John Inwood

Louise Pinski: Elaine Bromka
Howard Pinski: Ray Iannicelli
Norman Pinski: Mark Gessner
Dr. Vanderwal: Lee Tergesen
Mabel: Lelia Goldoni
Edna: Sondra James
Gabe: Bern Cohen
Reporter: Janina Gavankar


What-to-Expect-One-Sheet-w-bleed-RGB-copy.jpgWHAT TO EXPECT…

“It’s a growing problem.”

Maggie is expecting, but father-to-be, Greg, is concerned about her weight. Not because she’s losing her slim physique, but because she’s becoming so enormous that he fears for her safety. Since not even their new age midwife seems to take him seriously, Greg starts to think it’s all in his own head… until he discovers the problem is not at all what he expected.

HD; Color; RT 4 min.

Written and Directed by Aaron Rudelson
Director of Photography Ben Wolf

Greg: Matt Unger
Maggie: Sarah Sirota
Brett: Dean Shafakian
Dr. Bummer: Joe Diomede
Stephany: Christina Norris


“Dinner will never be the same again…”

Scott, a young financial executive, reluctantly agrees to help his friend Dave, when he claims to be producing food in an unorthodox manner. In the process, Scott makes a startling discovery about his friend’s condition and takes on the urgent task of finding answers to Dave’s plight. Through research, he learns that an epidemic called Krotchfeld Lubitsch Syndrome is spreading around the globe. According to scientists, the disease reverses the human digestive process causing its victims to produce gourmet meals orally. With this new information, Scott believes he may be able to save his friend before it’s too late… that is, if his friend still wants to be saved.

HD; Color; RT 12 min.

Written and Directed by Aaron Rudelson
Director of Photography Ben Wolf


Malady-One-SheetTHE MALADY


“Don’t be afraid. Be very afraid.”

In this new dark comedy by filmmakers Aaron Rudelson and Seth Ernsdorf, a brave registered nurse is confronted by the world’s most disgusting new malady, Gruyere’s disease. In this ten minute film, can the young RN rise to the challenge and care for a patient’s vile condition while maintaining his own sanity? Will he solve humanity’s most dangerous new threat? Will his patient do the same?

16mm; Color; RT 11 minutes

“… funny, in a sick sort of way.” –Roger Corman

“… fresh and original … A real one of a kind.” –Bob Cooper, Landscape Entertainment

“The Malady is a brave film, an important film, but much more than that, it is a wickedly funny film.” –Jonathan Sanger, Producer, “The Producers”

“One of the more perceptive comedies I’ve seen in a long time.”–Frances Doel, Concord/New Horizon

Directed by: Aaron Rudelson
Conceived and Written by: Aaron Rudelson and Seth Ernsdorf
Cinematography by: Tim Guffin
RN:Seth Ernsdorf
Stephen Borschnin:Aaron Rudelson

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Marsh-One-SheetTHE MARSH

A young author wrestles with her own psyche in order to overcome a bout of writer’s block. The exercise, however, eventually destroys her relationship with her boyfriend and her sanity in the process. In this darkly comic narrative, the film explores the tragic themes of narcissism and human subjectivity. Set against the backdrop of a publishing deadline, THE MARSH portrays the ultimate victory of fiction over reality.

B&W; 16mm; RT 14 min.
Written and Directed by: Aaron Rudelson
Director of Photography: Horacio Marquinez
Production Design: Katharine Garrison
Produced by: Greer Burkholder

Monica Barnes: Abbe` Rowlins
Sorin: Patrick Lobo
Sharon Engel: Jacqueline Sydney
Dale Robertson: Trip Plymale
Vagrant: Paul DuBois
Tomato Guy: Josh Skaller