Norman Pinski Come Home

Finding oneself can take a lifetime.
For Norman Pinski, it's gonna take a little longer.

Elaine Bromka and Ray Iannicelli star in this monster movie parody which doubles as a comedy about parenthood. When a lightning bolt tragically cuts short the life of a Jewish plumber’s son, all appears lost for the Pinski family. But luckily for them, Dr. Vanderwal, a celebrated local baldness doctor, played by Lee Tergesen (OZ; MONSTER; WAYNE’S WORLD), is secretly a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. Once resurrected in the form of a classic horror film monster, Norman (Mark Gessner) has another chance at finding himself… if his overbearing Jewish parents don’t get in the way.

NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME is the 6th film by writer/director Aaron Rudelson. Rudelson, a fan of Mel Brooks’ classic comedy YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, puts a unique spin on the Frankenstein narrative. The creature may be a monster to the outside world, but to his former mother, his primitive mind is just like that of a toddler (with superhuman strength).
NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME has screened in festivals around the U.S., the U.K. and Italy. Currently, it has earned more than 12 awards including BEST COMEDY from the Short.Sweet. Film Fest 2018, as well as BEST COMEDY SHORT from CenFlo 2017 where it made its world premiere.


What People Are Saying

“All-in-All “Norman Pinski Come Home” is a very enjoyable film that I recommend everyone make a plan on seeing when it comes to a festival (or on online platform) near you!”
-Short & Sweet Film Festival

“…a clever homage to the Mel Brook’s classic ‘Young Frankenstein’”
“’Norman Pinski Come Home’ is sure to offer up servings of humor, nostalgia, and fun for anyone looking for an offbeat comedy.”
-Park City International Film Festival

“Phenomenal actors, great timing…This is so hilarious.”
-D.C. Shorts Film Festival


Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2017

Manhattan Film Festival 2018

London Lift-Off Online Film Festival 2017

Irvine International Film Festival 2018

NYC Independent Film Festival 2018

WILDsound Festival 2018

Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2018

Short. Sweet. Film Fest 2018

Short and Sweet Film Festival

NYC Independent Film Festival 2018

Central Florida Film Festival 2017

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