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Finding oneself can take a lifetime.
For Norman Pinski, it's gonna take a little longer.

NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME represents the proof of concept for a feature-length comedy. After Norman is resurrected in the form of a classic horror film monster, the full version of the story follows his development as his parents attempt to guide him through the process of rediscovering himself.

However, the Pinskis are somewhat aware that, as a young boy, Norman repressed his own aspirations in order to fulfill his father’s desire to join the family plumbing business. For the second go round, they come to a tentative agreement that Norman should get to be who Norman wants to be. But even with the best intentions, everything their reanimated son does seems to reinforce their own hopes. To Papa it seems like Norman really is interested in plumbing this time; but to Mamma, his primitive mind is just like a toddler but in the body of a monstrous hulk.

Will Norman re-discover his true self? Will his parents finally learn how to parent? Will Norman ever learn to like his mother’s borscht?

NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME is both a monster movie parody and a metaphor for adolescence; it’s a character-driven comedy about parents who want the best for their children; and it’s a story about self-discovery and second chances.

The short film is a snapshot of the potential this project presents. Its remarkable success on the festival circuit is a strong indication of how far the feature version can go. NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME has screened in ten festivals across the country (in California, Utah, Florida, Ohio, New York). It won BEST COMEDY twice and earned nearly a dozen accolades from several film competitions.

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CenFlo Award Acceptance video:


Central Florida Film Festival 2017
Best Comedy Short

Short. Sweet. Film Fest 2018
Best Comedy

Accolade Competition 2017
Award of Merit Special Mention — Leading Actress Elaine Bromka
Award of Merit — Short Film

Best Shorts Competition 2017
Award of Excellence — Actor Leading Ray Iannicelli
Award of Excellence — Actor Supporting Lee Tergesen
Award of Excellence — Short Film
Award of Excellence — Makeup Anthony DiFolco, Hinano Leung
Award of Excellence — Script/Writing Aaron J. Rudelson (writer)
Award of Excellence — Humor Aaron J. Rudelson (writer/director)

IndieFEST Film Awards 2017
Award Of Excellence — Film Short
Award of Merit — Supporting Actor Lee Tergesen



“…an incredibly enjoyable experience.”
–Short & Sweet Film Festival

“…a clever homage to the Mel Brook’s classic ‘Young Frankenstein’”
“’Norman Pinski Come Home’ is sure to offer up servings of humor, nostalgia, and fun for anyone looking for an offbeat comedy.”
–Park City International Film Festival

“Phenomenal actors, great timing…This is hilarious.”
–D.C. Shorts Film Festival


Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2017

Manhattan Film Festival 2018

London Lift-Off Online Film Festival 2017

Irvine International Film Festival 2018

NYC Independent Film Festival 2018

WILDsound Festival 2018

Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2018

Short. Sweet. Film Fest 2018

Short and Sweet Film Festival

NYC Independent Film Festival 2018

Central Florida Film Festival 2017

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